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Chuck Delsman | Sports Scene

Talking sports with some of my friends

Dec. 12, 2012

Here's everything I know about the world of sports. I thought you should know it too.

Are you getting as ticked off at the national media as I am that when they talk about the outstanding rookie quarterbacks in the NFL this season, all they seem to care about are Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III? Listen up. Former Wisconsin Badgers QB Russell Wilson has better numbers than both of them. Look it up. It's time Wilson starts getting the credit he deserves

Are there any other serious MVP candidates in the NFL other than Denver quarterback Peyton Manning and New England quarterback Tom Brady? Not a chance. Minnesota's Adrian Peterson is a great story, coming back from serious knee surgery, but he's not even close to be in the mix with Manning and Brady.

The Milwaukee Bucks have to be the most inconsistent team in the NBA. Up one night. Down the next. I think that's the way it's going to be all season.

Now that Bret Bielema is off to Arkansas, here's the biggest question surrounding the former Wisconsin Badgers football coach. Will he last just three or four years in Arkansas? Or not that long?

Speaking of the Badgers football team, they'll face their toughest opponent of the season when they clash with Stanford in the Rose Bowl. Stanford had Notre Dame beaten at Notre Dame until a bad call took them down. And remember, they also defeated talented Oregon, which just might be the best team in the country. Looks like a tough test for the Badgers. Stanford is a 6.5 point favorite. I've got the Badgers losing, 30-17.

Am I nuts or are the Atlanta Falcons clearly the worst 11-2 team in NFL history? Is there any chance they'll win one game in the playoffs, whether they play at home or not?

Who's going to play in the Super Bowl this year? I think I know. Peter King of Sports Illustrated has Green Bay defeating Denver, 33-30. I've got New England edging Green Bay, 34-33.

As of Monday morning, the Washington Wizards had a 2-15 record in the NBA. Do they really count as an NBA team? I'm not sure.

How about that one punch that Juan Manuel Marquez knocked out the great Manny Pacquiao with last Saturday night? That was one of the biggest punches in boxing history. For the six rounds it lasted, that was one of the best and most brutal fights I've ever seen. Why is undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. running from Pacquiao? I'll tell you why. He's afraid of losing.

We all know that there are way too many college football bowl games. I'll bet you can't wait for the Dec. 26 showdown between Central Michigan (6-6) and Western Kentucky (7-5) in the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl. And I'm sure you're already planning a huge party waiting for the classic battle between powerhouses Rice (6-6) and Air Force (6-6) in the Armed Forces Bowl on Dec. 29.

The BCS national championship game will be played Jan. 7. Alabama, despite one loss, is a 9-point favorite over undefeated and No. 1 ranked Notre Dame. I think that tells you something about the matchup. I've been wrong all year on the Irish, figuring they were going to lose at least three games. Trust me, this time I'll be right. Alabama 28, Notre Dame 13.

UW Athletic Director Barry Alvarez is going to take his time picking a coach for his Wisconsin football team. I'm not sure what he's going to do. But I don't see Boise State coach Chris Peterson in the mix. I think he'll make his decision after the Rose Bowl, not before the game. Right after he picks up his $217,000 check for coaching the Badgers in the Rose Bowl game.

The wild-card race in the AFC is wild. Surprising Indianapolis has one of the spots locked up. Pittsburgh will win two of its final three games and get the second spot at 9-7, edging out Cincinnati and the New York Jets, who will both finish at 8-8.

Things looks just as crazy in the NFC wild-card race. Five teams are within one game of each. Seattle will get one spot at 10-6 and I see Chicago, Minnesota, Dallas and Washington all tying for the second spot with 9-7 records. I think Washington would win the tiebreaker.

Here's my top 10 NFL teams as of Tuesday morning, starting at the top. I've got New England first followed by Denver, Green Bay, New York Giants, San Francisco, Baltimore, Houston, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Washington. Who's your top 10?

The Big Ten men's basketball conference looks tougher than it's been in a long, long time this season. With Indiana, Michigan, Ohio State and Illinois all ranked in the top 10 and Minnesota being ranked 16th, that doesn't bode well for the Badgers, who have a good chance of missing the NCAA tournament.

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