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Bowling Scores 12/21/10

Dec. 20, 2010

Ben Benfield of Waukesha rolled his first career 300 game in the Hartbrook Lanes Thursday Mixed Handicap league and finished with a 661 series.

Mapleway Bowl

Wednesday Big Eight (Dec. 15)

Bob Leary 779, Steve Lentz 755, Tim Szajna 731, Terry Kasten 731, Joel Maerder 712, Mark LaCombe 693, Tim Pinter 658, Tom Nelson 657, Jefff Ranta 653, Josh Schultz 651, Jarrod Luck 645, Shay Froemming 634, Mike Catalano 629, Matt Atkinson 617, Pat Froemming Jr. 617, Don Powers 600

Hartbrook Lanes

Thursday Mixed Major (Dec. 16)

Bob Schaff 739, Scott Lucht 734, Bob Verzal 692, Randy Grimm 689, Ray Gresbach 688, Chuck Weber 684, Ron Buxbaum 678, Mike Benfield 662, John Wehlage 652, Karen Custer 599, Linda Nielsen 591, Michele McHenry 588, Jane Kimball 576

Wednesday Social (Dec. 15)

Nick Zupke 726, Michael Boudreau 679, John Peters 677, Kris Knutson 676, Brett Netzel 656, Jarod Bartel 653

Tuesday Seniors (Dec. 14)

Tom Borneman 652 (240-241-171), Bill Weber 565, Dennis Schmidt 558, Bob Berg 555, Chet Trebitowski 529, Brian Waldeck 511

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