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The Camera's Eye

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes the story, or part of the story, behind the picture goes untold. Get a glimpse behind the lens of the camera's unblinking eye.

A picture - worth 1,000 words - or 80 years

 It's not often you get to witness the power images carry with them - even something as simple as a photo of a loved one. Yet one little photo set off a chain reaction that brought childhood friends together after nearly 80 years. Here is that story.

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Sports freeze frames

 Sports are a great place to capture emotion, especially in seasons like those produced by the Mukwonago basketball and wrestling teams this year. All it takes is sinking a shot at the halftime buzzer and the gymnasium explodes. 

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Focusing on fine, feathered friends

Waterford, geese, photography


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Nativity sacrilege

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Black Friday magic

I have mixed feelings about Black Friday. While I enjoy a good bargain as much as anyone, the long lines winding through Mukwonago Wal-Mart - or any store that day - steal the true meaning of Christmas for me. 

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