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Vernon Primary Election - Who will you vote for?

Town of Vernon; Town of Vernon primary election

Supervisor Joe Reilly, a four year veteran on the Vernon Town Board, faces off against two opponents in the Feb. 16 primary which will narrow the race down to two.  Rodell Singert and Dave Meyer are challenging Reilly for his Supervisor #1 seat.

Reilly's campaign literature cites issues with the Village of Big Bend among his top concerns.  He points to the development of the I-43 and Highway 164  interchange and fire department issues as reasons for concern.

"I feel they should pay for their own development and fire service," he states of Big Bend in his pamphlet.  "The Village has to realize that we are not their cash flow program, and we do not want Highway 164 to look like Bluemound Road or worse."

Reilly also states he hopes to keep town taxes as low as possible, to support Vernon's rural feel, to control growth, stay away from sewers and protect the water supply.

Dave Meyer, an environmental consultant with no background in politics, says he's entered the race to "bring fiscal sanity and common sense to this board."

He too, feels the fire department dissolution is an important issue, as is the incorporation of Vernon, the tax structure and the expenditures and annual budget of the town.  Of these issues, he explained he felt the majority of the residents would tell the board what they should be doing.

"I don't plan on running for more than two 2-year terms," he explained.  "I think career politicians are onerous to everyone these days, and I certainly don't intend to be one."

Rodell Singert, who has served on the Waukesha County Board from 1996 to 2008 and who has served on the Mukwonago School Board since 1981, explained that he disagrees with the dissolving of the community fire department.

In his campaign literature, Singert states he believes the performance of the town board has "done little to restore the public trust, as promised, and change is needed.  The negative disruptions at meetings are counter productive and must be mitigated.  I would like the opportunity to help our community move forward in a more positive manner."

Singert says the board should focus on the managerial and operational problems of the fire department instead of jumping to dissolution.

"All of the communities in the state are trying to consolidate to save money, to increase public safety and to preserve EMS and paramedic services," he said.  "The board is way off the cliff (by dissolving the department.)

Singert says although consolidation with Big Bend is not an option because people by referendum, opposed the idea, Vernon can live side by side in harmony with Big Bend.  He also opposes the current Department of Revenue proposal to have county-wide assessment.

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