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Friends, families of East Troy teens gather for vigil

Friends and families of Three East Troy High School seniors, Steven Wosinski, Lauryn Mustain and Shanna Kuznicki, who died in a Dec. 3 accident on Highway ES, and Andrew Bohman, who is in critical condition in the hospital, gathered at the East Troy Village Square Sunday night to share memories of the teens and prayers.

Stories of three individuals with big hearts, who loved everyone, sought solidarity in the school, and who unified the school with their deaths echoed across the square. Hugs, tears, and laughter were shared as friends and family members spoke to the crowd shivering behind candles and glow sticks.

"Life is too short to hate," one person said. "It's bad that it took this to bring our school together."

Funeral services for the three will be held Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

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