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Goodbye, Lake Country!

For someone who grew up in a world without seasons (unless you call a 9-month period of uncomfortable heat followed by 3 months of rainless clouds "seasons"), I have come to appreciate nature much more acutely here in Wisconsin.  There's nothing like the blazing fire colors of fall, the delicate snowflakes gathering on eyelashes in winter, the welcome warmth and fertile burst of spring, the fun and festival-filled summer...of all the things I will miss about Wisconsin, I'll miss the seasons the most. 

That's right, your dependable, hardworking Friday Web Event Teaser is moving back to her native San Diego.  And before you boo and hiss, consider all the things you get to enjoy that I won't be able to anymore: frozen custard, Sprecher/New Glarus/Leinie's, fish frys, Racine Kringles, and much more, not all revolving around food.

Instead of highlighting just a few events this weekend, picking and choosing subjectively while ignoring all the rest, I'd like to invite you to choose for yourself, to see all that Lake Country has to offer, by checking out the Weekend Happenings Blog on the homepage:

Something I've always admired about this area is that no matter the weather--cold and dreary like today or warm and inviting like two days ago--there's always something fun to do.

So enjoy being your own "Weekend Event Teaser"--I'm sure you'll come up with something great.

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