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Police travel to Texas in murder case

The investigation into the Oct. 1 murder of 39-year-old Kimberly Smith continues to move forward as police await results from the state crime lab.

Law enforcement officers have been sent out of state as they probe into the personal relationships of the victim. “We currently have two investigators in Texas following up on the case,” said City of Oconomowoc Police Chief Dave Beguhn.

Lubbock, Texas is the home of Darren Wold, the father of Smith’s 4-year-old son Jackson, who moved there earlier this year. Smith and Wold were involved in an acrimonious custody and support battle at the time of her death. Police have determined that Wold was in Texas on the afternoon of Oct.1, that day Smith was brutally killed in her Oconomowoc home. Beguhn said the 41-year-old man, who has spoken with police previously, has been cooperative.

Smith’s body was found by her live-in boyfriend Tim McMickle, bound and stabbed to death on the floor of the family room at their home at 334 S. Maple St. The woman’s son was home at the time but authorities do not believe he witnessed the murder.

 Among the information police are anticipating are toxicology results which may take several weeks to receive and information from the state crime lab which has moved the case to the top of its list. Evidence recovered from four sealed search warrants executed in the state of Wisconsin is also being examined by authorities. Beguhn declined to provide additional information regarding those warrants.

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