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Cook's Corner

I am what many would call a "Foodie" - amateurs who simply love food and/or drink for consumption, study, preparation and news.


Now the statement above should make it clear that I do not have any formal training when it comes to food preparation. I have, however, been told that I am a pretty good cook and I hope you enjoy reading this column as much as I enjoy writing it. 

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It’s 5 o’clock somewhere: Bourbon Slush

bourbon, bourbon slush

July is over and I’m happy to see it go. Between running around with the kids, a nightmare car ride from Iowa back to Wisconsin (think wrong way driver) and the moving out of state of a good friend, I’m just glad it’s over.. and yes, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

Bourbon Slush
Makes 14 servings

1 6 ounce can frozen orange juice concentrate
1 12 ounce can frozen lemonade concentrate
1 46 fluid ounce can pineapple juice
1½ cups white sugar
2 cups strong brewed black tea
2 cups bourbon whiskey (or rum)
1 2 liter bottle lemon-lime flavored carbonated beverage (may substitute ginger ale or club soda)


In a large bowl or container, mix together the orange juice concentrate, lemonade concentrate, pineapple juice, sugar, tea and whiskey. Transfer to a shallow bowl, dish or quart-size freezer bags and freeze overnight.

Remove the frozen mixture from the freezer about 10 minutes before serving then chop with a wire whisk or potato masher to make a slushy consistency. If using the freezer bags just knead the bag to break up the slushy. Scoop the frozen slush into glasses (an ice cream scoop works well here), and top off with the soda. Enjoy.

Helpful hint

This drink can be a bit sweet for some, so adjust the sugar according to your taste. Leftovers can be refrozen and stored in the freezer (a plastic ice cream bucket with a lid will do) for future use.
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