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Cook's Corner

I am what many would call a "Foodie" - amateurs who simply love food and/or drink for consumption, study, preparation and news.


Now the statement above should make it clear that I do not have any formal training when it comes to food preparation. I have, however, been told that I am a pretty good cook and I hope you enjoy reading this column as much as I enjoy writing it. 

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Trying the low carb approach: Low Carb Pizza

Therese Balistreri, Northwestern University, Flatout flatbread, flat out, Mid's Pizza sauce, low carb pizza

Trying the low carb approach

Therese Balistrieri is a dear friend who Tom and I haven’t seen in years, and she, like Tom, has lost a significant amount of weight in the last year thanks to working out and a low carb diet. We ran into Therese at a football showcase at Northwestern University that out son Sebastian and her son Tony were attending earlier this month, and when she and Tom got to talking it was all about recipes and low carbs. Therese has an armory full of recipes and was happy to share them with us; when Tom heard he could have pizza again, he was completely hooked. Now I’m a skeptic, who loves her bread, but I have to admit when I tried it, it was delicious. You can find lots of Therese’s hints and recipes on her Facebook page, Taking off the pounds in 2014. 

Low carb pizza


1 package FlatOut light Italian herb flatbread (about 9 net carbs once you garner in the fiber)
Olive oil
1 16 ounce jar Mid’s pizza sauce (only 4 carbs per ¼ cup)
½ cup shredded mozzarella cheese, or 6-8 slices of fresh mozzarella (I did a bit of both)
1 or 2 Italian sausage links, sliced or ½ pound ground Italian sausage
Pepperoni slices
Your choice of herbs or veggies
A pizza stone if you have one


Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. If using Italian sausage or ground Italian sausage, cook through and set aside. 

Take a couple of sheets of flatbread and lay them on the pizza stone or a cookie sheet. Brush the flatbread with a bit of olive oil (I did sprinkle a bit of coarse sea salt on the bread here) and bake for 5-6 minutes to crisp the bread. In full disclosure, when Tom made his pepperoni pizza originally he forgot this step and while the pizza was delicious, it was also soggy so don’t bypass this step. 

Once the “crust” is ready, use about 2-3 tablespoons of the pizza sauce per flatbread and spread it out to the edges. Sprinkle the sauce with the cheese, sausage (for me) or pepperoni (for them) and your choice of fresh herbs or veggies (optional) and place it in the oven for 9 minutes or until the cheese melts. One whole pizza comes out to about 10-11 carbs and they can easily be personalized. I found the FlatOut bread in the deli at Pick ‘n Save, but I’m told it’s also available at Walmart.

Helpful hint

The heat is here and the humidity is on its way. If you like iced coffee but don’t like how it gets watered down with ice cubes, don’t toss out that little bit of coffee at the bottom of your coffee pot. Fill an ice cube tray with the leftovers and use them for your iced coffee.

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