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Sheriff's report: 'Porn in the morn' among Butler Police Department's misdeeds

Village of Butler - A Waukesha County Sheriff's investigation that compares the Butler Police Department to a college fraternity because of the behavior of some of its officers is expected to be released Thursday, according to sources familiar with the report.

The voluminous report includes summaries of the activities of five police officers including the retired police chief who participated in what one former police officer described as "porn in the morn." 

The officers, including the chief, occasionally viewed and emailed pornographic photos on village electronic equipment including computers and cellular telephones. In addition, the officers engaged in conversations that included sexually and racially offensive language, according to the report.

One of the officers has been referred to the Waukesha County District Attorney's office for possible prosecution. The sources declined to describe the potential severity of the charges that might be brought against the police officer.

Police Chief Michael Cosgrove, a 33 year veteran of the department, announced his retirement in the midst of the investigation.

Ironically, the report exonerates Cosgrove of alleged violations of some department policies but said he was an active participant and contributed to the offensive culture within the department.

The sheriff's office was asked to conduct an investigation after village officials received complaints last year about the chief and the department.

Portions of the report have been released to Village Trustees, according to Village Administrator Jesse Thyes who said steps have been taken to prevent a recurrence of some of the offensive behavior.

"Other than that, I don't have much to add until the report is released," he concluded.

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