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Woman charged with allegedly insulting, slapping her 12-year-old son

A 49-year-old Waukesha woman was charged with child abuse after allegedly slapping her 12-year-old son twice and insulting him because he would not take sides during a conflict between the woman and her ex-boyfriend on Feb. 22.

The woman, who will not be identified to protect the victim, was charged on Feb. 25 in Waukesha County Circuit Court with felony child abuse and disorderly conduct, domestic abuse.

According to the criminal complaint:

Waukesha police were dispatched at 10 p.m. Feb. 22 to Escobar’s apartment on the 300 block of North Street in Waukesha. They met with the woman’s ex-boyfriend, who said the woman was allegedly intoxicated and “going crazy.”

Police spoke with the woman, who was bleeding from her toe and had slight bruising on her arm. She kept addressing an officer as “Babe,” and when he corrected her, she became angry, cursing at the officer and saying she hated men.

The woman’s 12-year-old son was also in the apartment. He told police that he went to his bedroom and locked the door after telling his mom that he did not want to be in the middle of her argument with her ex-boyfriend. His mom got angry and allegedly called him a, “[expletive] nasty little boy.”

He said the insults “ripped his heart out.”

She allegedly continued to insult him and began banging on his door. When she had calmed down, he let her in and again told her he did not want to get involved.

She left to make a call, he said, and when she came back she allegedly smacked him twice across the face with an open hand. Police observed that his left cheek was red and swelled.

He said his mom then allegedly told him to lie to police and say that Brian had physically hurt her, but he refused. He eventually locked himself in the bathroom to get away from her, he said.

If convicted, the woman could face more than six years in prison, $10,000 in fines, or both.

Her next expected court date is March 8.

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