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Town of Mukwonago board approves joint fire department agreement

 After some discussion at the Town of Mukwonago board meeting this evening, the board approved an ammended version of the agreement with the Village of Mukwonago fire department. This agreement provides at least another year of the joint Mukwonago Fire Department.

First up on the agenda is making a decision regarding the department's ladder truck. Out of service since January, Mukwonago has faced several fires without an important piece of equipment, depending on other departments when the ladder truck is needed. 

The options are to fix the old truck based on the repairs they know are needed (a price tag of $54,000), refurbish the old truck (a pricetag more than $400,000), remount the old truck ($687,771), or to look into purchasing new. 

Purchasing new became an option when a potential deal was presented that would allow the department to obtain a new truck for $775,000--a good deal when most new trucks run $950,000.

Some, but not all, repairs were anticipated in this year's budget.

The debate is now on to crunch the numbers on the best use of taxpayer money now and in the future. The Board, requesting more time to review the information, will return in a special board meeting on Feb. 28.

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