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Hartland Babysitter charged with big-time theft

Village of Hartland — An 18-year-old Hartland woman was charged with allegedly stealing thousands of dollars from a woman she baby-sat for between May and August of last year.

Ashley P. Koglin, 231 Willow Drive, was charged on Feb. 14 in Waukesha County Circuit Court with felony theft, alleged to have stolen approximately $2,715 from Angela Proell.

According to the criminal complaint:

The Village of Hartland Police Department was contacted by Proell in June 2011 about thefts she believed occurred at her residence.

She said that she had set aside envelopes for each of her children containing between $350 and $515. The money from the envelopes was missing, she told police, as well as money from her children’s rooms.

She told police she suspected employees of a cleaning service she used may be involved.

Police were unable to make any progress in the theft investigation and it was eventually suspended. However, in August 2012 Proell contacted police again and said she had allegedly caught Koglin, who baby-sat for Proell, red-handed in the theft of $125 at her residence.

Koglin allegedly told police that she had been stealing from Proell for over a year. Originally, she allegedly told police, it was just small amounts of money and gift cards, but she eventually started taking larger amounts of money, as well as a bottle of alcohol, an iPod and two ivory vests belonging to Proell’s daughters.

If convicted, Koglin could face more than three years in prison, $10,000 in fines, or both.

Koglin’s next expected court date is Feb. 25.

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