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Town police officer still sidelined for hearing issues

Town of Mukwonago

 While the Town of Mukwonago police commission delves into complaints filed against Town Police Chief Tom Czarnecki and Sgt. Eric Schmidt, police officer Chris Heckman sits about a month away from losing a paycheck after being sidelined for not meeting new hearing standards. 

Heckman told the police commission he brought complaints forward of violating state law by offering incentives for issuing citations and performance standards pushing officers to issue more citations to make the commission aware of the situation and allow it to investigate. Had Heckman brought specific charges against Czarnecki and Schmidt, the matter would have gone to an evidentiary hearing, rather than an investigation by the police commission. 

However, the issue of Heckman being forced to use sick and holiday time to continue receiving pay will be dealt with through a grievance complaint filed by Heckman after commission members determined the issue was not within their jurisdiction as a police commission.

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