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Richmond school board candidate said he will withdraw from race after tax delinquency revealed

Bill MacCluskey sent an email to the Richmond School District Friday morning saying he wants to withdraw as a candidate for the district's school board after it was revealed he had paid $72,000 in back taxes and penalties in the last 10 years.

He said via email he would like to spend more time taking care of his ailing mother.

"I thought I could manage, but tonight made me realize that taking care of my mother needs to be a top priority," he wrote. 

Superintendent George Zimmer said that MacCluskey's name will still appear on the ballot despite his withdrawal and he can still win as a candidate.

According to online court records, The Department of Revenue has pursued three different civil suits against MacCluskey for state tax delinquency since 2002.

MacCluskey, 45, said he sent out his last payment approximately three weeks ago. Altogether, he has paid almost $40,000 in back taxes and an additional $32,342 in penalties and interest.

“I am ready to hire a tax lawyer,” MacCluskey said.

According to court records, the delinquent tax warrants were filed in May 2002, Feb. 2012 and April 2012.

In 2002, he was delinquent on $17,377 in taxes and paid $8,391 in interest and penalties. In Feb. 2012, he was delinquent on $13,355 in taxes and paid $18,428 in interest and penalties. In April 2012, he was delinquent on $8,167 in taxes and paid $7,353 in interest and penalties.

MacCluskey fully paid off the back taxes for all three claims within a year of their filings.

He said the delinquency was the result of misplaced checks from businesses with which he worked. MaCluskey said he owns his own business, selling large computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools in over 24 states.

Wisconsin school boards are entrusted with the execution of the budget, school district account reviews and business procedures, according to the Wisconsin Association of School Boards website.

The primary is on Feb. 19. The election is on April 2.

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