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Waukesha man charged with allegedly hitting toddlers, shoving police

 A 30-year-old Waukesha man has been charged with allegedly striking a woman’s two toddlers on Feb. 3 and later "violently" shoving an arresting officer to the ground.

Daniel G. Fife, 1522 Big Bend Rd., Unit E, was charged on Feb. 5 in the Waukesha County Circuit Court with two felony counts of child abuse, one count of felony battery to a peace officer and two counts, one misdemeanor and one felony, of resisting an officer.

He was also charged on Feb. 5 with misdemeanor disorderly conduct for a previous, unrelated incident.

According to the criminal complaint:

Police were dispatched to the Pick ‘n Save grocery store at 1220 W. Sunset Drive in Waukesha on Feb. 3. They met with the complainant Gabrielle Myhre, who told police that Fife had allegedly stolen a 12-pack of beer from the store and was trying to get into her car. Myhre told police Fife was a neighbor in her apartment complex.

The beer was turned over to a grocery store employee without incident, but Fife refused to get out of Myhre’s car, so she decided to give him a ride back to his apartment.

Myhre said that she had to drop off items at a friend’s house before driving Fife home, and left the defendant in the car with her friend Jennifer Mundt and Myhre’s two children, ages five and three.

When she returned, she was told that Fife had allegedly hit her kids. Mundt told police Fife was yelling at her and the two children told him to “shut up,” at which point he struck the two children in the head.

Officers found the defendant in his apparent and he appeared drunk. He was told he was being arrested for allegedly hitting the children, at which point he took a “boxer-type stance.”

He then was alleged to have “violently” pushed one of the officers, knocking the wind out of her. Two other officers tried to control the defendant, but he continued to resist.

The officers used a stun gun, which was mildly effective, and eventually managed to transport him out of the residence.

It could have been worse, neighbor Brian Hunt told police. He said the defendant was drunk and told him prior to the arrest that if police came, he would go after him.

“He would slice the throats of the police officers with a butcher knife and bust their heads,” he allegedly told Hunt.

Fife was also charged with disorderly conduct for an incident earlier that day.

He allegedly locked himself in a Walgreens Store bathroom in Waukesha and was allegedly heard by employees to be cursing and yelling. A manager went to investigate and found a broken wine bottle on the floor.

When the manager asked what happened, Fife exited the store, dropping a wallet with identification in the process.

If convicted of all charges, Fife could face more than 24 years in prison, $50,000 in fines, or both.

His next expected court date is Feb. 14.

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