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Alleged drug dealers scam police out of $150 in marked money

A warrant was issued on Feb. 4 for two Oconomowoc residents who allegedly scammed law enforcement officials out of $150 in marked bills during a police sting gone wrong.

Rachel L. Trupke, 30, was charged on Feb. 4 in Waukesha County Circuit Court with three felony counts of drug trafficking and misdemeanor theft. Jeramie C. Bartosh, 32, was charged with being party to the theft.

According to the criminal complaint:

On Jan. 11, a detective with the Waukesha County Metro Drug Unit was advised by a confidential informant (CI) that he could arrange the purchase of $100 worth of oxycodone, a schedule II narcotic.

The informant said that Bartosh and Trupke, 1367 W. Wisconsin Ave. in Oconomowoc, were the alleged dealers. He would arrange a deal at their residence.

Later in the afternoon, the informant was given $100 in marked bills and met with Trupke outside the residence. She allegedly handed the informant five pills, later identified as oxycodone, in exchange for the money.

On Jan. 21, Trupke allegedly called the detective and said she had a prescription for more narcotics, but did not have the money to afford it. If the detective was willing to provide the money needed to fill the prescription, Trupke would allegedly provide him with pills at a reduced cost.

The detective agreed and picked up Trupke later that day. The detective drove Trupke to the Walgreens at 1021 Summit Ave. in Oconomowoc and provided her with $150 in marked bills. He said he wanted to go in to the store with her, but the defendant allegedly told him it would look suspicious.

The officer asked if she was going to rip him off and she said, “she wasn’t that way and that she would not steal from him.”

Approximately 10 minutes later, Trupke had not returned with the prescription and the detective was growing concerned. The main entrance was the only way inside, except for an alarmed back door.

He went inside and spoke to the pharmacist, who told him he had never seen the defendant. The detective had a store manager show him the surveillance video.

Bartosh allegedly entered the store shortly after Trupke. Bartosh told the store manager that a man outside was giving his girlfriend, Trupke, “a hard time,” and asked the manager to let them out the back door. The store manager allowed them to do so.

If convicted of all charges, Trupke could face more than 30 years in prison, $60,000 in fines, or both.

Anyone with information regarding the defendant’s whereabouts should contact the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department at (262) 548-7126.

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