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Sussex-Lisbon library agreement ending?

 Village of Sussex - Two top village officials indicated tonight they are anticipating that a 25 year long library funding agreement between the village and Town of Lisbon will end after 2014.

Village President Greg Goetz tonight presided over the first meeting of a Library Continuation Committee appointed by the Village Board to make recommendations on how the village should take over the Pauline Haas Library if the funding agreement with the town is ended.

"The idea is how  to make the library continue operations without the Town of Lisbon after 2014," Goetz explained to the committee..

Village Administrator Jeremy Smith said the Village Board is committed to maintaining library services at present levels if the town pulls out of the agreement.

He said one of the roles of the committee was to help determine whether that committment is realistic and, if it is, how to attain it.

Smith said village  trustees regard the library as an asset in maintaining the quality of life and economic well being of the community.

The village and town have been at an impasse since last summer at reaching a new funding agreement for the library. Town Chairman Matt Gehrke has been insisting the village pay a greater share of the nearly one million dollars in annual library costs than the town because village residents use the library more than town residents.

Gehrke rejected a negotiating committee proposal that increased Sussex's share of the library costs.

Meanwhile, a battle between the Town Board and the Library Board over 63 acres of farm land donated to the town by Pauline Haass has escalated.

The Town Board voted last week tor rescind the appointment of town resident Emil Glodoski to the board. The Town Board appoints three representatives to the board, Glodoski served as president of the board.

Gherke said the board rescinded Glodoski's appointment because he voted twice last year to approve the Library Board filing a law suit against the town over ownership of the land.

Gehrke said the vote was not in the best interest of the town taxpayers. 

Library Director Kathy Klager said Glodoski has a legal obligation to represent the best interests of the library board. Klager said the board has been advised by its attorneys that it should seek ownership and control of the land.

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