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Oconomowoc man charged after allegedly torturing cat

 City of Oconomowoc — A 40-year-old man was charged with one count of mistreatment of animals and another count of obstructing an officer in Waukesha County Circuit Court on Jan. 16 for allegedly torturing and killing his cat because he believed it was “Satan.”

According to the criminal complaint, James P. Walker knocked on the door of his neighbor asking him for help at about 7:30 p.m. on Jan. 1. He told his neighbor that he was kicked out of the Marines because, “he couldn’t stop killing,” and asked him to look at something in his apartment, the complaint reads.

When the neighbor arrived at the apartment, he noticed broken glass on the kitchen floor and the refrigerator was pulled away from the wall. In the bedroom, the cat laid between the bed and wall, visibly dead, according to the complaint. The defendant, when asked, allegedly said he had killed it, and the neighbor helped the defendant dispose of the cat into an outdoor trash bin, according to the complaint.

The neighbor contacted police shortly thereafter, concerned Walker may hurt someone. Officers arrived at the defendant’s apartment and he allegedly told them that he “snapped,” strangling and stomping on the cat, the complaint reads. He also said that he tortured the animal because, “he believed it was Satan and evil,” the complaint reads.

The defendant was transported to Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital, 791 Summit Ave., to be treated for scratches on his arms. On Jan. 2, police received a call from medical personnel requesting assistance in the emergency detention of the defendant. The defendant became upset after being denied narcotic medication, according to the complaint.

When he tried to leave his room, an officer told him he could not and he allegedly responded, “I’m going to talk to him and you can’t stop me,” according to the complaint.

The officer warned Walker that he would use his stun gun if he did not calm down, to which the defendant allegedly said, “Go ahead and [expletive] tase me. You’re not going to stop me,” the complaint reads.

He was stunned and subsequently transported to Mendota Mental Health Facility, according to the complaint. Walker is alleged to suffer from bipolar disorder and depression, according to the pretrial screening report, and may have issues as a result of four previous concussions.

If convicted of all charges, Walker could face up to four years and three months in jail, $20,000 in fines, or both. Walker’s next expected court date is Jan. 25.

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