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Now is the time to finish GED before old scores expire at end of year

GED, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

According to a news release from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, each year, nearly 9,000 Wisconsin adults earn a certificate of high school completion, which opens doors to employment, further education, and opportunity. 

“A GED gives adults an option to improve their employment situation or pursue additional education,” said State Superintendent Tony Evers. “GED-completers have gone on to successful careers as engineers and doctors, mechanics and office workers. The GED is a second chance that opens doors to the future.”

Changes are on the horizon for the GED program in Wisconsin and across the nation. When the new computer-based series of tests is launched in 2014, scores from the 2002 Series GED will expire.

“December 13, 2013, is the deadline for anyone who started taking the current GED series of tests to finish,” Evers noted. “The Department of Public Instruction is partnering with testing center, adult basic education, and community-based organization staff; literacy group volunteers; and corrections personnel to reach out and find people who started the current GED series and help them finish before they must start over with the new tests.”

Adults who want to complete the 2002 Series GED must physically go to a testing center to take the tests but do not have to finish the series at the same testing center where they started. While information about the GED program and finishing the 2002 series GED is available online, the GED test cannot be taken online. GED tests can only be taken at an official GED testing center. Wisconsin’s GED website, which includes a list of testing centers in the state, is available here

“We estimate there are 43,000 adults who took one or more of the 2002 GED tests at Wisconsin testing centers but have not completed the five-test series. My message to those who started taking the GED but haven’t finished is: Get it done. Your future is calling,” Evers said.

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