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Getting fit for the new year

If 2013 is your year for a new, more fit you, the next Living Kettle Moraine Sunday offers 13 ways to get fit and stay with an exercise program from experts at the Mukwonago Athletic Club and the Mukwonago YMCA.

"First up, we cannot achieve what is not defined.  So, what is fitness?" asks Brent Reichert, M.S. general manager at the Mukwonago Athletic Club. "The most basic components are cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility/mobility, and body composition (the percentage of your body weight that is fat vs. lean body mass, such as bone, muscle, etc.).  This needs to be noted, because most just focus on cardio this time of year, which is only one aspect of fitness." 

Reichert outlines 13 tips for getting fit in 2013, while Nicki Kolinske, fitness and wellness director at the YMCA of Central Waukesha County-Mukwonago YMCA provides 13 tips for sticking with that fitness resolution throughout the year.

From setting goals, to knowing what activity you enjoy and having fun with fitness, Kolinske points out the need to mix up workouts, make exercise and yourself a priority, incorporate physical activity into your daily activities and never give up on that goal to be more fit in 2013.

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