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Lisbon approves new sheriff's contract

 Town of Lisbon - The Town Board has unanimously approved a new five year police service contract with the Waukesha County Sheriff's office that has regional implications.

Approval of the contract means that Lt. Torin Misko, the commander of the sheriff's sub station in Sussex, will have supervisory authority over police service contract deputies assigned to the villages of Sussex and Merton as well as the town.

Lisbon and the villages of Sussex and Merton will share in the cost of the sub station commander position which  is expected to be elevated from lieutenant to captain next summer.

Sussex village officials asked the position be elevated to captain in order to reduce turn over and provide the commander with greater authority.

Village officials were concerned that unless the position was upgraded to captain,   Lt. Misko would be assigned to different duties if  he was promoted next year.

In addition to being in charge of the day to day operations of the sub station, he also serves as Sussex Village Police Services Director, supervising about a dozen deputies assigned to the village.

Two years ago he replaced Lt. James Gumm who was promoted to captain and reassigned as a watch commander in the sheriff's department headquarters in Waukesha. Gumm is now deputy inspector.

The town will pay $14,000 for the additional supervisory services as part of annual payment for police services of $440,000 which includes deputies salaries, benefits, and equipment.

In the previous contract,, the two deputies assigned to the town for two eight hour shifts were supervised by a watch commander at the sheriff's department headquarters in Waukesha.

Supervisor Joe Osterman said the additional money is worth the improvement in services which will include more direct supervision of deputies assigned to the town by a captain who is familiar with the Lisbon-Sussex communities and who will have greater command authority than a lieutenant.

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