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Delafield scraps street plan

 City of Delafield - Plans to widen and resurface Milwaukee Street from the downtown business district east to near the Nagawicka Lake shore have been scrapped by the Common Council.

Instead, the council has approved a compromise proposed by Ald. Jim Behrend that calls for resurfacing Milwaukee Street from Onieda Street, near the downtown business district, east to Oak Street, which is about one third of the original approximately one mile long project.

Behrend, who served as mayor in the 1980s, also suggested the original proposed price tag of $900,000 for the project be cut in half to $450,000.

He convinced his fellow council members that widening and repaving Milwaukee Street from Oak Street east to the intersection of Milwaukee and Main Street,  near the lake shore, could be postponed. However, sidewalks will be installed along Milwaukee Street east to Fireman's Park.

The original reconstruction proposal had encountered stiff oppostion from residents living along Milwaukee Street who objected to the number of trees that would be destroyed by widening the road.

They also challenged the wisdom of a replacing natural ditch and culvert storm water drainage along the road with concrete curbs and gutters. They said the hard surfaced system would increase the amount of siltation and pollution flowing off the road into the lake.

City Engineer Mike Court said much of the ditch and culvert system could be maintained with the compromise plan. However, he said most of the trees that would have been destroyed by the original proposal are still likely to be destroyed in the compromise plan.  

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