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Drunk driver charged for striking child on scooter

A man with one previous OWI conviction was charged last week with his second after he allegedly struck and injured a 13-year-old boy riding a scooter in Delafield on Sept. 15.

According to the criminal complaint, Leroy E. Blanchard, 65, of 1000 Nagawicka St., blew a .124 on his preliminary breath test.

The crash allegedly occurred near Main Street and Milwaukee Street in the City of Delafield, where the 13-year-old boy was riding a scooter. When police arrived, the boy had a scrape and a bruise on his left knee. His left foot was bandaged near the heel, and it had been bleeding. Emergency personnel also believed the boy had been struck in the head by something.

Police noted that Blanchard’s right rearview mirror was bent back toward the vehicle and that the mirror itself was shattered. Shattered and broken glass littered the driveway and roadway near the scene of the accident.

The complaint stated that Blanchard smelled of intoxicants and that he had an open food container containing ribs inside the vehicle. He allegedly told police, he was “just sitting here eating ribs.” The complaint indicated that Blanchard, who had glassy, watery eyes, seemed oblivious to the fact that he had just struck a child, and it did not appear that he had ever asked about the child’s condition.

After performing field sobriety tests, police determined that Blanchard was under the influence. He was placed under arrest and taken to Waukesha Memorial Hospital for a blood test.

Blanchard was convicted of a previous OWI in January 2002 for an incident in September 2001.

If convicted of the felony charge, Blanchard could serve a maximum of up to six years in prison and face a $10,000 fine.


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