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Delafield town residents want vote on fire merger

 Town of Delafield - About a dozen town residents say they will insist on referendum approval of any proposed agreement that would merge the town fire department into Lake Country Fire and Rescue which presently serves the villages of Nashotah and Chenequa as well as the City of Delafield.

The residents said after a Tuesday night Town Board meeting that they wanted town voters to decide whether the town board should adopt any agreement that would result in Lake Country Fire and Rescue providing services to the town.

Most of the residents indicated they had been opposed to efforts during the past decade to build a new fire station in the town.

It was the failure of three fire station referenda that prompted town officials to approach Lake County Fire and Rescue officials about a possible expansion of the regional department to include the town.

Negotiations among the four, possibly five, neighboring communities are tentatively scheduled to begin in mid August.

Hartland Village President David Lamerand said he will seek approval from the Village Board for Hartland representatives to be included in the talks that could lead to the Hartland Fire Department also becoming part of Lake Country Fire and Rescue.

Each community participating in the negotiations will have three representatives, two elected officials and a citizen.

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