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Sussex rejects Main Street plan

 Village of Sussex - Village Trustees have rejected the idea of widening Main Street because they did not want to disrupt the lives of business owners and residents who live along the street and they wanted to maintain the small town atmosophere of the village's central business and residential district.

Village staff and consultants suggested widening the street to improve the flow of traffic through the village after trustees last month rejected the idea of building three roundabouts along Main Street.

The staff and consultants have said it is necessary to rebuild Main Street in order to modernize and repair sewer, water and other utilities buried beneath the street and replace the street's foundation which is more than 50 years old,

However, widening the street would have required the village to purchase 5 to 10 feet of right of way from the small front yards of the homes that line the street.

Village Trustee Pat Tetzlaff suggested the village could tear up the street, update and repair the utilities, and then rebuild and resurface the street without widening it.

Trustee Bob Zarzynski said repeatedly during the meeting that he wanted to minimize the disruption to business owners and residents during the reconstruction of Main Street.

Trustee Tim Dietrich said he was concerned that a wider street would encourage a greater volume of traffic to move through the village at a higher rate of speed. He suggested that the volume of traffic would be less and the speeds slower if the village did not widen the street.

Trustee Jason Wegner failed to convince his colleagues to consider an alternative plan that would have widened the road by purchasing two feet of right of way from property owners.

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