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Sussex discusses development in closed session

 Village of Sussex - For the second time in a month, Village trustees have met behind closed doors to privately discuss the possibility of providing real estate tax incentives for the development of a commercial park on the west edge of the village.

MLG Commercial is in the process of trying to obtain nearly 400 acres of farm land from Bielinski Brothers construction company and the Johnson Bank located near the intersection of Hwy. V V (Silver Spring Road) and Hwy. 164, according to village officials..

 MLG representatives have said they want to develop a commercial park on the land because other commercial parks they have developed in Sussex have been successful. MLG would also like the commecial park included in a new village Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District.

Real estate tax revenues from the district would be used to help pay for public improvements associated with the development of the commercial park.

Village President Greg Goetz was asked before tonight's Village Board meeting why the closed sessions was necessary.

"We are discussing the possibility of a TIF. There are a lot of issues. Some of them involve money and not all of the cards are on the table yet. That is why we have to have a closed session," he said.

State law allows local government boards to  meet privately  "when ever competitive or bargain reasons require a closed session" to discuss land acqusition, investing public funds "or conducting other specified public business.."

However, some courts and state attorneys general have opined that meetings be closed  only when it is necessary in order to protect the public's interest, not the competitive or bargaining position of developers or contractors doing business with the municipality

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