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Delafield council rejects one way streets

 City of Delafield - The idea of converting the city's two main thoroughfares into east and west one way streets was quickly dropped tonight by the Common Council.

Two weeks ago, Ald. Lynn Morrison suggested that converting Milwaukee and Main to east-west one way streets would move traffic more efficiently through downtown business and residential districts and provide safer access to pedesterians and bicyclists.

However, Mayor Ed McAleer told the Common Council tonight he received several phones call from business owners, residents, and public safety officials who opposed  the idea because of safety and other reasons.

Ald. Tim Aicher added that he proposed a similar idea about three years ago to the city's influencial Public Works Committee and it was rejected. Aicher, a member of the committee, said he believes a majority of the committee is still opposed to one way streets.

Aicher said the committee is likely to support a proposal to widen Main Street and add sidewalks extending from the downtown business district east to Firemen's Park.

The wider street with sidewalks is expected to relieve some of the vehicle and pedesterian traffic from Milwaukee Street. City Engineer  Mike Court estimated the cost of the project would be about $900,000.

Morrison said the city could save the cost of widening Main Street if Milwaukee and Main were converted to one way streets.

"But, if I am told it is a non starter, I will drop it," she said.

"it is a non starter," responded Aicher.

"Then I am done with it," Morrison replied.

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