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Special one-day compost bin sale coming to Retzer

Retzer Nature Center

To encourage more residents to try backyard composting, Waukesha County recycling staff will hold a special one-day sale of compost bins on Saturday, May 19 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Retzer Nature Center, S14W28167 Madison Street, Waukesha, according to a news release from Rebecca Mattano, recycling specialist for Waukesha County.

The Home Composter bin will sell for $45 on this day only.  Any additional bins left over from the sale will be available through Retzer’s gift shop for $55. Rain barrels will also be sold at a special price of $61; however, they must be reserved in advance by calling (262) 896-8300 by Friday, May 11.

For more information, visit and

According to Wisconsin waste management specialists, almost 25-percent of household trash is organic material that could be composted instead of going to the landfill. Organic materials that have traditionally been considered waste – grass clippings, leaves, vegetable scraps, and coffee grounds, for example – can sidestep the trash can and become a valuable soil amendment. 

 “The end result of composting is a nutrient-rich, soil-like material that can be used in many ways”, stated Karen Fiedler, Waukesha County Solid Waste Supervisor. “People can spread it on their lawn and around trees and shrubs or use it in their gardens. The benefits to the soil and to the community are great.”

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