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Town of Mukwonago considering other funding options for Country Bliss

Town of Mukwonago Chairman Dave Dubey  has issued the following press release regarding how the town will move forward with flooding concerns in the Country Bliss subdivision:

The most recent proposal to deal with the drainage issues at the Country Bliss Subdivision had a number of requirements that needed to be addressed prior to implementation, including funding for any overages and long term maintenance. At the Town Electors meeting earlier this year, a Town Wide utility district was specifically rejected as a method of funding. At a recent Town Board meeting, a subdivision utility district was rejected for a number of reasons. There are no other practical funding options for maintenance and project overages acceptable to the Town Electorate. Based on these facts, this proposal is not viable.

The Town Board is considering other options to address the drainage issues at the Country Bliss Subdivision. For example, the Town Board has been working on an emergency management contingency and operational plan, and is considering, as an option, writing this plan to include acquisition of a portable pump and associated piping and/or hose to facilitate water removal of Country Bliss during emergency conditions. The routing of this temporary hose or piping would need to be worked out in the plan, but would likely follow right-of-way or utility easements to an outfall point at Jericho Creek on county highway NN.

The Town is pursuing State and Federal funding for components of this plan.

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