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Sussex employees sell beer at concerts

 Village of Sussex - Despite the objections of two village trustees, the Village Board tonight approved allowing village employees to serve liquor at the "Sounds of Sussex" summer concert series at Weyer Park.

"I think there should be a family environment at village events and I would just prefer they not sell liquor at those events," said Trustee Jim Batzko.

"You will have village employees selling beer across a folding table. I just don't think that is enough control of the situation and I think that is putting too much responsibility on our employees," added Trustee Jason Wegner

However, Village President Greg Goetz, along with three other trustees, said they had no objections to the employees selling the liquor on behalf of the village. Goetz noted the employees will have to take a training course on how to responsibly selling and serve liquor.

Village Attorney John Macy explained that state law exempts the village from any liability resulting from the municipal sell of liquor at municipally sponsored events.

Village Administrator Jeremy Smith explained after the meeting that last year the local Lions Club sold beer and other alcoholic beverages at the concerts in the park behind Village Hall.

He said the Lions could not sell this year because the concerts exceeded the number of events in which the Lions were licensed to sell and serve liquor. Three concerts have been scheduled this year. The Lions sell beer and liquor at several other events in the village.

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