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Resident speak out against Country Bliss wide utility district

A nearly full house sat inside of the Mukwonago Fire Station in the Town of Mukwonago for a public hearing on a potential utility district this evening in the Town of Mukwonago. So far, most residents are expressing opposition to a utility district that would encompass the entire subdivision which the board is considering to cover overages and long term maintenance of a project that would help alleviate flooding in the Country Bliss subdivision.

Many people are against the strictly subdivision wide district because they feel that those affected by the flooding-those homes in the low-lying areas-should be responsible for the costs.

“Our property our home does not need flood protection to prevent future flooding,” one Country Bliss resident stated.  

Other residents who were opposed to the strictly subdivision wide utility district encouraged the board to consider a town wide district to spread the cost over more people, thus lessening the impact on each household.

Look for a full update in an upcoming Mukwonago Chief.

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