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'Substantial progress' in Lisbon, Sussex talks

Village of Sussex - The "Hatfield-McCoy" relationship between the Town of Lisbon and the Village of Sussex may be coming to an end.

The governing bodies of the two communities are holding a series of closed door sessions in an effort to resolve some of the issues that divide them.

The Lisbon Town Board met behind closed doors Monday night. The Sussex Village board was entering the second hour of a closed session at 9 p.m. tonight.

Town Chairman Matt Gehrke said the Lisbon board may hold another closed session later this week depending upon the outcome of tonight's village board meeting.

Village President Greg Goetz said he will brief Gehrke on the village board meeting after it is over.

Goetz responded "yes" when he was asked if the series of meeting was an indication there had been substantial progress made in the talks between the two communities.

"We are all working very hard. This is good for the Village of Sussex. It is good for the Town of Lisbon. It is good for the entire community," he said before village trustees met behind closed doors.

Goetz said the negotiations between the communities have involved "very, very broad concepts" rather than the details of issues like library funding, border agreements and the possible incorporation of the Town of Lisbon into a village.

Goetz and Gehrke said there is a possibility the two communities might issue another joint statement. Earlier this year, the communities agreed in a joint statement they had found some "common ground" after meetings involving Goetz, Gehrke, Town Supervisor Joe Osterman, and Village Trustee Pat Tetzlaff.

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