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'Contention' in Dousman fire merger talks

 Town of Ottawa - Town Chairman Richard Arrowood has warned that the transfer of fire trucks from the dissolved Summit Fire District to the newly consolidated Dousman Fire District "is going to be a point of contention with the Town of Ottawa."

Arrowood told the Town Board Tuesday night he had anticipated Summit officials would lease its fire trucks to the Dousman Fire District for a nominal fee as part of the consolidation agreement between Ottawa, Dousman and Summit.

According to the agreement, the Dousman Fire District will be expanded to cover all of the Village of Summit as well as the Village of Dousman and most of the Town of Ottawa. The Summit Fire District,, which covered the northern half of the Village of Summit as well as the Village of Oconomowoc Lake, will be dissolved.

"If fire service is going to be provided to an additional area, additional equipment will be needed to provide the fire service," Arrowood said.

However, he added, apparently Summit officials are planning to sell the fire trucks rather than donate or lease them to the Dousman district.

Dousman Fire Chief Steve Totzke said he had expected to receive a tanker and a fire engine, which he estimated are worth about $200,000

There are no indications where the newly consolidated fire district would get the money to buy the equipment from the Summit Fire District.

Totzke said Summit officials may have to liquidate the equipment because the Village of Oconomowoc Lake, which  shares ownership of trucks, wants to rely on a fire service contract with the Okauchee Fire Department rather than join the Dousman district.

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