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Dakota past worst of his physical recovery at Wildlife In Need Center

Wildlife In Need Center, Dakota

 The Wildlife In Need Center reports an overwhelming outpouring of support and concern for Dakota's recovery as his improvement continues.

After losing 27-percent of his bodyweight his muscle mass began to deteriorate in order to keep his body functioning. His outlook was guarded due to fears that his system wouldn't handle solid foods well after reaching such an emaciated state during his three weeks in the woods. However, after slowing increasing his intake, it appears the worst of his physical recovery period is over.

Following bloodwork on Monday, Dakota's veterinarian said most of his blood values have returned to within normal reference ranges. Further tests will be run today with results expected by noon on Thursday. 

"He still has a journey ahead of him, not only physically, but mentally as well, before he'll be prepared to return to work," said Wildlife Education Coordinator and Dakota's handler, Leslie Kiehl, "but for Dakota it's worth all the effort."

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