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Is misplaced light pole to blame for Town of Mukwonago power outage this morning?

WE Energies sent out phone calls to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) this morning to investigate if a light pole at the intersection of Highway 83 and Highway I was placed too close to a power line causing power outages to Town of Mukwonago residents during a gusty Tuesday morning.

Construction just wrapped up last week Wednesday on the Highway 83 reconstruction between Highway NN in Mukwonago and Highway 59 in Genesee, and WE Energies wonders if the pole was misplaced during construction. 

Town of Mukwonago Police report that high winds caused several wires to sway and make contact with the metal pole blowing out the power at the intersection. 

WE Energies reports that around 2,000 customers saw a split second power outage just after 6 a.m. Tuesday but that around 2,000 customers were without power for around 50 minutes, and just over 50 customers were in the dark for around 70 minutes as power was restored. 

Town of Mukwonago Police had the intersection closed for around an hour to allow WE Energies to restore power. 

No one was hurt and no vehicles were damaged during the incident. 

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