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Rep. Craig introduces bill expanding disabled sportsmen options

Rep. David Craig; 83rd Assembly District

Today Representative David Craig (R-Town of Vernon) introduced legislation, co-authored by Representative Chad Weininger (R-Green Bay), which would allow the taking of rough fish with a crossbow.  Senator Neal Kedzie (R-Elkhorn) is introducing a companion bill in the Senate.  Current law allows a person to take a rough fish with a bow and arrow and rod and reel but does not allow fishing with a crossbow.  Rep. Craig’s bill would allow all sportsmen, including disabled sportsmen—who are otherwise unable to utilize a bow and arrow—to fish for rough fish with a crossbow.

“This bill is a win-win-win bill for taxpayers, disabled sportsmen and women and Wisconsin’s environment,” said Representative Craig.

The bill also defines Asian Carp as rough fish.  Current law allows sportsmen to kill only one Asian Carp, which must be then taken to the DNR.  Defining Asian Carp as rough fish will generally allow the harvesting of Asian Carp by Wisconsin sportsmen in an unlimited number and by a variety of methods not currently allowed.  Rough fish harm local waterway ecosystems, disturb the native fish populations and, in the case of Asian Carp, can be dangerous to people who partake in recreational activities in infected waters.

“My bill expands fishing options for disabled sportsmen and women and others by allowing the harvesting of rough fish with crossbow,” said Representative Craig.  “By defining Asian Carp as rough fish, the bill also includes our sportsmen in the fight to rid our waters of Asian Carp.”

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