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Gun club hearing postponed again

City of Delafield - For the second time in two months, a lawyer for the Hartland Sportsman Club has failed to meet a city deadline and a public hearing on whether the city should allow the gun club to re-open will be postponed until next year.

Brian Randall told city officials, in a letter to City Clerk Gina Greasch, "We still intend to file the supplemental information as a complete package so that all materials can be considered together and we continue to need additional time."

Documents necessary for the public hearing were supposed to have been filed by close of business on Wednesday, November 2, in order to be considered for a hearing scheduled by the Plan Commission on November 30.

The November 30 hearing was tentatively scheduled after the gun club missed a similar deadline for filing documents for a hearing that had been scheduled for September.

No Plan Commission meeting is scheduled for December.

The city revoked the gun clubs permit in 2010 after residents living near the club presented city officials will information indicating the club was failing to meet safety standards required in the permit. A woman was wounded slightly by a piston round that escaped one of the firing ranges and struck her while she was sitting on the outdoor patio of a nearby resturant.

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