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Hartland police seek charges against sex offender

Village of Hartland – A registered sex offender is facing criminal charges after he created a disturbance in Nixon Park Sunday afternoon when he asked young boys to show him where the railroad tracks were, according to police.

The 50-year-old Sussex man was acting suspicious in Nixon Park around 1 p.m., sitting and standing near young boys and asked several boys where the railroad tracks were, according to a woman who reported the matter to police. The tracks run near the border of the park.

The woman told police that she saw on boy show the man where the tracks were but then she noticed the man asked other boys where the tracks were, which she thought strange as the one boy had already pointed out the tracks, the report said.

Police questioned the man and learned he was convicted  in July 1986 of first-degree sexual assault and is listed on the state's sex offender registery site.

The officer noticed the man had been drinking and found in his vehicle a half full bottle of whiskey and a beer with a small amount of beer left. The man was given municipal citations for open intoxicants in a vehicle, having a malt beverage in a park without a permit and obstructing an officer.

Police are recommending the Waukesha County District Attorney’s Office charge the man for disorderly conduct. Police added they did not believe they could meet the statutory requirements of child enticement as the man’s comments were not of a sexual nature.



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