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Lisbon wells damaged after quarry blast

Town of Lisbon - Town officials say they were notified late yesterday morning that private wells serving homes in  Halquist Park neighborhoods  near Lisbon Road (Hwy. K ) and Maple Avenue were damaged following a blast from a Halquist Stone Company quarry.

Town Administrator Jeff Musche said the call was placed from a town resident to town hall about 11:25 a.m. Thursday,  ten minutes after a blast at a nearby quarry was scheduled.  Musche said the company routlinely notifies the town in advance of schedule blasts.

The resident said the blast had dislodged that cap on his private well which was spewing brown colored water.

Musche said town public works employees circulated notices Thursday afternoon in the neighborhood urging residents not to drink water from the well until the turbitiy causing the discoloring of the water had ceased. The notice also suggested the residents open out door water faucets to give the water a chance to clear up.

Musche said that Town Public Works Director Joe Klem believes there are about 18 homes in the neighborhood that sustained varying degrees of damage to their wells.

Nearly a decade ago approximately 22 homeowners, according to Musche, living in Maple Avenue neighborhoods complained that blasts from the Halquist quarry had damaged their private wells. Halquist later agreed to construct deep aquifer wells to serve the neighborhoods.

However, the neighbors were responsible for the cost of connecting the wells to their homes.

Musche said some of the neighbors  opted not to connect to the deep acquifer wells because their private wells connected to shallow acquifers had not been damaged. There are indications that some of  the homes whose wells were damaged Thursday may have been connected to the  shallow acquifer wells rather than the deeper acquifers, according to Musche.

Efforts to reach officials from Halquist Company have been unsuccessful.

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