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Mukwonago School reports man stopped by playground - nothing inappropriate happened

Rolling Hills Elementary School

Town of Mukwonago Police are doing extra patrols past Rolling Hills Elementary School today after a man stopped his car near the school during the lunch recess on Thursday.

The man, reportedly in his 50s, driving a dark green Pontiac Sunfire, pulled the car over and threw a ball over the fence, according to a letter that went home to parents that day. The man returned about 20 minutes later and was walking along both sides of the road, according to Rolling Hills Elementary Principal Nick Reichhoff. The man shouted that he was looking for his glasses. When the playground monitor approached the man, he left the area.

Nothing inappropriate or illegal happened, Reichhoff reported. Reichhoff contacted Town of Mukwonago Police because "it was an odd situation," and sent a letter home to parents and to other elementary schools as a precaution.

A complete story on the incident can be found in the next issue of the Mukwonago Chief.

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