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It's been real!

The blogging careers of those at Lake Country Now are coming to an end. The powers that be who run the paper have decided to nix the blogs after a long, good run. We bloggers were notified of such in an e-mail a few days ago.

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If Obamacare is so wonderful...

If Obamacare is so wonderful, why does the White House have to run a "contest" in order to get people to participate? The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel just ran an article "Obama visit celebrates ACA" (3/4/16). The visit was a prize (yes, Obama coming to Milwaukee was the reward) bestowed upon Milwaukee for winning the White House's Healthy Communities Challenge - a nationwide competition among 20 cities in which Milwaukee won by signing up the largest percentage of new enrollees (38,000) to Obamacare. (As a side note, doesn't Obamacare make health care insurance mandatory for everyone now anyhow? After all, people are supposed to be fined and pay penalties for NOT having such. What gives?) A contest in order to get more people on yet another entitlement program is in itself rather pathetic. It's akin to having a ticker tape parade to "celebrate" the largest amount of Americans EVER having to rely on food stamps (almost 48 million and counting)due to Obama's policies.

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Camp Bernie surprises!

Funny how the liberal media and liberals in general are quick to quip and snort about what they perceive to be Republicans "turning" on their own. We hear this all the time.

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What Goes Around Comes Around

Recently two issues have come to light which give one pause - and a few chuckles.

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Hillary Clinton hopes her supporters are real SAPS...

Today the liberal NBC News (as well as many other news websites) came out with yet another devastating story regarding Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's personal e-mail server. 

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