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Hub OM calendar

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Pewaukee Lake Water Ski Club and friends take advantage of warm weather

Pewaukee Lake Water Ski Club, Okauchee Lake, Lake Country, water ski, Santa hats, lake, water, warm weather, Festivus, record, pyramid, human, human pyramid

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Consideration of additional approaches for people with disabilities by me

Sussex, Waukesha County, Wisconsin, Village, church, churches, family, resident, residence, residents, disability, ability, different abilities, different ability, diverse abilities, diverse ability, autism, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, veterans, disease, downs syndrome, mental, cognitive, intellectual, developmental, physical, adaptive sports, adaptive recreation, adaptive sports and recreation, inclusion, accessible, accessibility, accommodation, welcome, hospitality, event, events, Facebook, group, groups, business, commerce, Chamber of Commerce, Lions, Volunteer Organization of Women in Sussex, government, Hamilton School District

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015, a few of us will take a look at the Village of Sussex in Celebration of 25 Years of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The meeting will take place at 4 PM in the Sussex Community Center W240N5765 Maple Ave, Sussex, WI 53089
This will help us assess how we as a Village can more closely connect with and involve 2,500 people of the Village with all that we enjoy year in and year out.
If anyone is interested in this topic, please let Kurt Roskopf know:    262 720 7031

This is a concept of mine to consider a possible integration initiative to work through the 3:1 ratio that connects how close the disability topic is to the lives of everyone here in Sussex.
Kurt poses this idea to be channeled through existing entities in Sussex that connect on this in a collaborative format.
My expectation is that Sussex will see and experience new things real soon in the areas of worship and church involvement, engagement with family outings and activities, education, community calendar, and employment.
With sports, recreation, leisure, pastimes, hobbies, and more to do with free time, Kurt will be posing adopting adaptive approaches and develop campaigns to make adaptive technology, assistive technology, adaptive equipment, and more available right here in Sussex. There is a listing of over 50 options in these aspects that are known through one resource group alone.

There is much to share and more importantly to learn about to the regard of residents that have a disability. This encompasses learning disabilities, cognitive disabilities, intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, and other disabilities.
This is a grand opportunity to unite Sussex in yet other way, and please join in this conversation in general to help shape how those without a diagnosed disability and those with a disability will thrive together in more fulfilling way that is available to the 10,000 people of Sussex all together.

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Waukesha resident and Pewaukee Lake Water Skier gets chosen to speak at Milwaukee awards

Chad, Chad Murphy-Price, speak, speaker, skier, ski, water ski, club, water ski club, Pewaukee Lake Water Ski Club, Waukesha, resident, Waukesha resident, ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act, disability, Disability Rights Wisconsin, DRW, Wisconsin, disability rights, spirit, spirit of ADA, awards, Spirit of ADA Awards, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Club

 Chad Murphy-Price of Waukesha is a water skier with the Pewaukee Lake Water Ski Club.   He has been arranged to speak at the Spirit of ADA Awards to be held at the Wisconsin Club in Milwaukee.

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Founder of a Lake Country based charity is a finalist for Right Women: 2015 Innovator Award

Right Women Awards, awards, right, conservative, women, woman, founder, Lake Country, charity, volunteer, final, finalist, 2015 Innovator, special needs, special, Special Needs Parents Network, SNAPPIN'

The Innovator Award will be given to a conservative woman whose innovative or path-breaking public policy or political campaign has contributed to the betterment of Wisconsin.

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