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Lake Country Area 30x30 Nature Challenge

Lake Country Area 30x30 Nature Challenge Blog

The Wisconsin Green Building Alliance (WGBA) is challenging people across Wisconsin to spend 30 minutes a day in nature for 30 days (June 1st – 30th). Unplug from your cell phone, tablet, e-readers and all electronic devices and connect with the natural world around you for 30 minutes a day.

The 2015 challenge blog is sponsored by: City of Oconomowoc, Compass Point Consulting, Endurance House, Evolution Marketing, First Bank Financial Centre, Kettle Moraine Health Center, the Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce Green Business Committee, Waukesha County Retzer Nature Center and a local WI Green Building Alliance Board Member. Join us in spending time in nature! - click here to sign up

The Nature of the Beast, What does it mean to you?

By Ginny Bocek, Waukesha County Park System – Retzer Nature Center:

Funny that I thought I better look that up before I officially use the phrase.  So I popped the phrase in the Google search and "The Free" comes up first to tell me that it means the 'basic character of something'.  How profound!  Getting out in nature seems to be getting back to the basics.  Unplugging from electronics (but yes, looking on-line for something - is just the nature of the beast, right?); telling the kids NO every time they ask to watch TV; not bringing the phone out the door with you.

The TV question comes and goes throughout the day, the kids play on the mom...the TV question is back.  So this time instead of saying NO, I said why don't you go fly your kite?  And I laughed to myself, yeah go fly a kite! And so we both did.  Just a small kite, and princess all the way.  Perfect for my four year old daughter, and she had a blast!  She had to find her big brother and his friend, to show them how it's done.  And yes, even big brother and friend flew the princess kite. I don't think they even noticed.

So as I watched the kite go up in the sky...the basics of nature filled in all around. Best being, of course, the giggles and screams of laughter from the kids.  We are so lucky to be living in this area, so many city, county and state parks within minutes of our homes.  So when I tell you to go fly a kite, just chalk it to being the nature of the beast this time of year, and I hope you take me up on it, or better yet, please feel free to answer back with "Go take a hike!" because we have so many options. (One being this Friday night at Retzer Nature Center…

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