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Lake Country Area 30x30 Nature Challenge

Lake Country Area 30x30 Nature Challenge Blog

The Wisconsin Green Building Alliance (WGBA) is challenging people across Wisconsin to spend 30 minutes a day in nature for 30 days (June 1st – 30th). Unplug from your cell phone, tablet, e-readers and all electronic devices and connect with the natural world around you for 30 minutes a day.

The 2015 challenge blog is sponsored by: City of Oconomowoc, Compass Point Consulting, Endurance House, Evolution Marketing, First Bank Financial Centre, Kettle Moraine Health Center, the Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce Green Business Committee, Waukesha County Retzer Nature Center and a local WI Green Building Alliance Board Member. Join us in spending time in nature! - click here to sign up

Rain, rain go away. Or not.

Ginny Bocek, Waukesha County Park System – Retzer Nature Center:

Puddle Stomp, Puddle Stomp.  Stomp, Stomp … Puddle, Puddle.  That is now the little song stuck in my head, thanks to my four- year old.  At my house, rainy days mean excitement. I get to wear my rain boots and use my umbrella!  If only we, as adults, could be so enthusiastic about rainy days.  But shouldn’t we all do a little puddle stomping?  We are outside, we can get refreshed and rejuvenated.  And you know, stomping in a puddle sure takes the stress away.  Try it!  I did, and for the first time in a long time, I didn’t mind standing out in the rain waiting for the bus.  I also didn’t try to stop the four-year old from puddle stomping and I arrived at work with a uplifting feeling despite very gloomy weather. I don’t even know the official song, I just sang the important verse, “we all need a little rain sometimes” to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Okay, so you don’t want wet feet for the rest of the day, but use those puddles to put a little jump in your step – it still works when avoiding the puddles. And take this rainy day to get out into nature, to look around at how flowers are soaking it all in.  Hey, you work hard on that garden, and you won’t have to water tonight! 

Above: The Adventure Trail at Retzer Nature Center. The kids had a great time in the rain! And as my son said, “You know what, Mom? I’m not getting that wet. I think those trees are blocking a lot of rain.”  Perfect, no excuses! So grab your umbrella, grab those rain boots and go sing Stomp, Stomp … Puddle, Puddle.

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