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Lake Country Area 30x30 Nature Challenge

Lake Country Area 30x30 Nature Challenge Blog

The Wisconsin Green Building Alliance (WGBA) is challenging people across Wisconsin to spend 30 minutes a day in nature for 30 days (June 1st – 30th). Unplug from your cell phone, tablet, e-readers and all electronic devices and connect with the natural world around you for 30 minutes a day.

The 2015 challenge blog is sponsored by: City of Oconomowoc, Compass Point Consulting, Endurance House, Evolution Marketing, First Bank Financial Centre, Kettle Moraine Health Center, the Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce Green Business Committee, Waukesha County Retzer Nature Center and a local WI Green Building Alliance Board Member. Join us in spending time in nature! - click here to sign up

Addie’s Guardian Angel

By Deborah Turner, Greener Oconomowoc:


Last week my little “runt” of a dog, (3 lb. Chihuahua) slipped through the door, unbeknownst to me, while I was trying to get to a meeting.  By the way, did I mention she’s 17 years old, deaf and can’t see well.  I swore I saw her sitting in her little basket as I closed the door, an atmospheric anomaly I guess.  I was called out of my meeting and rushed home to find that most of my block was out looking for her.  The evening was brilliant, sunny, warm and perfect for an evening stroll aside from the panic and terror of having our little dog missing.  We spent most of 2 hours looking for her, through people’s back yards, along the lake, across Wisconsin Avenue.  I saw things that I would never have the privilege to see without the excuse of a lost dog.  My neighbors were great.  We were all on a solitary mission.  Walking through the “hood” like we were kids again, collecting fireflies, calling out locations and giving updates.  Somehow she wandered 6 blocks and was found on Wisconsin Avenue.  My neighbor thought to call the police~ fortunately, she had been picked up by some kind soul.  That night we all were out walking with Addie’s Guardian Angel, in the beauty of our Lake Country somewhere between paradise and terror.

We came together as one group for a simple cause for a short moment.  We must never forget that the simple act of kindness is the greatest gift we can give each other.

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