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Lake Country Area 30x30 Nature Challenge

Lake Country Area 30x30 Nature Challenge Blog

The Wisconsin Green Building Alliance (WGBA) is challenging people across Wisconsin to spend 30 minutes a day in nature for 30 days (June 1st – 30th). Unplug from your cell phone, tablet, e-readers and all electronic devices and connect with the natural world around you for 30 minutes a day.

The 2015 challenge blog is sponsored by: City of Oconomowoc, Compass Point Consulting, Endurance House, Evolution Marketing, First Bank Financial Centre, Kettle Moraine Health Center, the Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce Green Business Committee, Waukesha County Retzer Nature Center and a local WI Green Building Alliance Board Member. Join us in spending time in nature! - click here to sign up

ANGRY? Practice Horticulture Therapy*

By Lisa Geason-Bauer, Evolution Marketing:

Above: From the Evolution Marketing garden - tomatoes, Brussels sprouts and mint growing.

The next time you find yourself  “angry and upset,” and about to say something you may regret…. take an “outdoor timeout.”  Stop what you are doing and go outside!  That’s right…find a little piece of green space (could be your yard, a trail, park, basically anywhere outside where there is green space).

During your “outdoor timeout,” look around and focus on the different types of plants, trees and shrubs that are surrounding you.  The color green is calming and research has shown that humans are able to reduce stress by simply viewing an attractive landscape. 

 Having a frustrating day?  Go work in your garden or yard.  Studies from around the world demonstrate the many benefits associated with gardening and yard maintenance.

 Benefits to gardening/yard work include:

-Reduction in stress

-Ability to quickly release aggression

-Improve muscle tone & coordination

-Reduce weight

-Exercise aerobically while pursuing constructive outcomes (i.e. pulling weeds, planting flowers etc..)

Th 30x30 Nature Challenge is about connecting with nature, can you use “outdoor timeouts” as part of your challenge? 

Above: Evolution Marketing raised bed garden, showcasing companion planting techniques.

FUN FACT – Horticultural Therapy

In 1971, Kansas State University became the first university in the United States to establish an undergraduate degree program in horticultural therapy and today remains as an academic leader in the discipline.

*Horticultural therapy is the use of plants and plant related activities to improve the social, educational, psychological and physical adjustment of a individual, thus improving mind, body and spirit.

Want to learn more…

Kansas State University Horticulture Therapy Links

American Horticultural Therapy Association

Horticultural Therapy Institute


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