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BP Chief goes to yacht race...while President Obama golfs.

Funny how the mainstream media is choosing to ignore the fact that yes, while BP CEO Tony Hayward did indeed visit a yacht race over the weekend, President Barry Obama was hitting the links...all while oil continued to spew into the Gulf of Mexico...

...and this clueless, arrogant,  man-child is out playing golf?  OK, we've got two wars going on, the economy stinks, jobs are being lost (except those taxpayer-funded government jobs!), illegals are streaming into our country, our Constitution is being trashed,  the government is suing the state of Arizona for enforcing a federal law, socialized medicine may become a reality, Iran and North Korea are building nuclear weapons without hesitation, Obama has angered our closest allies in Israel and the UK - not to mention Poland and the Czech Republic, and there is a bit of an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  Imagine for one moment if President Bush was in charge. He'd have been impeached by now...

Didn't President Bush give up his golf game after lefties hooted and hollered about how cold and mean-spirited it was of Bush - playing golf while our soldiers were dying during a time of war!  How could the president be golfing???  Yet, already Obama has played more golf during his short time as Prez than Bush did his entire two terms!

So why did the mainstream media only report on the CEO of BP visiting a yacht race? 

Tony Hayward isn't the President of the United States. From "Obama goes golfing again:"  "And besides that, Mr. Hayward was not the one who took an oath to uphold the constitution and defend the county against all enemies both foreign and domestic.  It was not a republican who was sworn in either.  Obama is a democrat, right?  When will the media stop trying to protect The One from honest scrutiny?  These same journalists (and I use the term very loosely)  wouldn't have hesitated for one moment to report on President Bush if he had gone golfing during the Gulf Oil crisis.  And if Bush's golf game coincided with the CEO of BP attending a yacht race, the two would have been linked - no question.  Why,  these "oil men" - out enjoying themselves while the Gulf Oil spill is still in crisis mode!   What juicy headlines and stories those would have been!

Instead,  the public is only treated to reports on how cold and callus the CEO of BP is for attending a yacht race on his day off.  As one Louisiana business owner put it:  "I don't think he has any feelings."  Although this gulf resident was referring to Tony Hayward,  perhaps this same person would have used the identical words to describe Barry Obama - if the media would have reported on how the Prez was spending HIS free time.. 

Can't wait to hear how anyone defends this clown...

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