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An Easter Message


Easter is a time when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This event is more than a miracle, more than the bedrock of Christianity, it signifies the reconciliation of mankind with God. Jesus' life, crucifixion and resurrection reconciles sinful man with God. This is the real message of Easter.

Not only Christians, but Jews, Muslims, believers in other faiths and, yes, even atheists, can agree on the wonderful message of reconciliation that Easter represents. It is a message that is desperately needed in our society. There are greater animosity, anger, invective and even physical threats today than at any time in the modern history of our nation. There is even increasing talk of revolution, not at the polls but actual insurrection, because of the perceived arrogant actions of an activist government. There is equally disturbing counter-rhetoric on the other side. The result is we are a nation badly--violently--divided, which is a tragedy in the making.

We can point fingers and accuse, which will accomplish nothing constructive, or we can take a lesson from the Christian Easter message. We can heed the wonderful peace implied in the resurrection of God's son, or just color hard-boiled eggs and gift chocolate bunnies, or celebrate Spring two weeks late. We can resolve to tone down the rhetoric, stifle the threats of retribution and the self-serving petty partisan politics, or continue down the path to what I fear may be an eventual tragic conflagration.

Heed the Easter message of peace, love and reconciliation or munch that bunny. Ask yourself which is the true meaning of this grand experiment in freedom we call the United States of America. Note that the first word is "United". If there is anger, be patient and express it at the ballot box. That is the American--and the Christian--way. Resist the temptation to hurl vicious bricks at those with whom we may vehemently disagree, which will only inspire like return missiles and continued escalation.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if Republicans and Democrats, Conservatives and Liberals, could come to realize that what really matters is the preservation of the Union and the perpetuation of the American Dream. If all we differ on is the means, isn't that something we can all work out in concert rather than confrontation?

God held out His hand in friendship and reconciliation nearly 2000 years ago. Can't we do the same?

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