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More on Obama’s campaign lies.

Another little tidbit of news that slipped through the ultra bias MSM, now the lame stream media, took place last week when Obama’s regime announced they will create a commission on how to fix the budget mess. That’s right, you read it correctly. Obama will start a commission to look into the mess he quadruped through his very unpopular moves.

And yet, he still insists in adding trillions to our debt through the very unpopular Obama/Reid/Pelosi healthcare reform.

Obama’s main campaign themes have now proven to be 100% lies. From transparency, closing Gitmo, pulling out of Iraq, ending Washington partisan deadlock, “Change must come to Washington,” “lobbyists aren’t just part of the system in Washington, they are the problem” (USA Today front page headline: Health care fight swells lobbying. Numbers of organizations hiring firms doubles in 09), and then to “Washington will have to tighten its belt and put off spending,” are enough to make one wonder how he even gets a 20% approval rating. The latest Gallup Poll now shows liberalism falling even more than last year with only 20% now admitting they are liberal.  

Obama had my ears perked when he promised to “go through the federal budget and ending programs we don’t need.” Blame it on Bush? Can’t on this one. When Obama took office the federal deficit for this year was just over $400 billion. In the eleventh month of 2009, our federal deficit is at $1.5 trillion and counting. In fact, the total national debt grew in Obama’s first 10 months to $7.5 trillion from just over $6 trillion. At that pace he will bankrupt this country by the time we can get him and the liberal democrats out of office. We must stop Obama and our liberals in Washington from not just their financial bankruptcy of American, but their moral bankruptcy as well. What is even more egregious is most of the Obama/democrat ideas come from the Communist manifesto.

Poll after poll shows that Americans who voted for Obama and the democrats are regretting their decisions and at a rate maybe never seen before. In fact, as reported in the above WSJ URL: Anger over deficits was picked up in a late October NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, which asked voters if they'd rather boost "the economy even though it may mean larger budget deficits" or keep the "budget deficit down, even though it may mean it will take longer for the economy to recover." Only 31% chose boosting the economy; 62% wanted to keep the deficit down.

With Americans leaning much to the right with fiscal and moral ideologies, I don’t know how liberal democrats in Washington will fix this mess. The only way to fix America is to get these idiots, Obama included, out of office through impeachment or wait until 2010 and 2012.

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